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New US Study Quantifies Value of Red Meat Exports to Corn, Soybeans


Since 2015, indirect exports of corn and soybeans through beef and pork exports has been the fastest-growing...


The news is being flooded with perhaps unfamiliar epidemiological terms and concepts in coverage of the COVID-19...

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Caution urged in US after mystery seed mailings

News from United States 安卓加速器

Farmers regularly face isolation; it's important to stay connected

News from United States 02 June 2022

CME update: live cattle futures close lower despite market optimism

News from United States 02 June 2022


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Irish Beef Finishers Hit Hard by COVID-19 & Brexit Losses of €111M

News from Ireland 01 June 2022

US Senator sees US keeping up with trade deal with China despite worsening relations

green加速器 01 June 2022

Brazilian Agricultural Exports Grow 17.5% in 2022

super加速器 01 June 2022

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News from United Kingdom 16 January 2022


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Smithfield Builds Sausage Plant in Kansas City

News from United States turbo加速器安卓

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turbo加速器免费 29 May 2015

Thurne High Performance Slicing Systems Are Back

green加速器 28 May 2015

Tri-Nations Butchery Team on Show at Meatup

News from United Kingdom 26 May 2015

Snowbird Targets World Flavours for Foodservice

News from United Kingdom 13 May 2015


Closed Meat Plants Today Mean Empty Meat Cases this Summer

04 June 2022

The spread of COVID-19 among people who work in many beef and pork plants across the country has led to plant...


23 July 2015

In recent years higher production costs, disease outbreaks and lower consumer demand have made it difficult for...



The regions of Africa and Oceania participate little in the trade of shell eggs and egg products in world terms,...

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Egg Consumption in Africa and Oceania Below the Global Average

23 July 2015

By 2050, it is estimated that 25 per cent of the global human population will live in Africa compared with just...

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Turkey Trade Tops Million Tonnes

10 July 2015

International trade in turkey meat amounts to around 1.1 million tonnes a year or about six per cent of the total...

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Strong Growth in Egg Output Recorded in Africa and Oceania

10 July 2015

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GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Individuals Eat Less Turkey


Few countries actually attempt to measure poultry consumption. In most instances the figures are not measures of...

Global Protein Developments: What are the Implications for the Meat Industry ?

03 July 2015

Global protein demand will increase by a factor of 3.5 over a 50 year period, namely from 1980-2030. Poultry will...


Market Reports

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05 December 2016


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05 December 2016

UK Price, Volume and Composition of Milk – October 2016

05 December 2016

AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 5 December 2016

05 December 2016

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